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Introducing our new Columnist- Zac Attack

Everyone knows me as Zac Attack, now you do too.

I moved over here to Toronto 6 months ago from Melbourne, Australia.

I had my ”dirty thirty” this year and it seems as I cannot get away from the Hospitality industry as I have had a Love & Hate relationship with it for over 10 years now…

I always wanted to be either a Teacher or a writer when I grew up and well whilst “blogging” is often not actually considered writing, i’ll take it in 2nd place.  As for teaching, I am not exactly who you would usually label a teacher being a bartender….… Read More

On the Road with Dave Seaman

For the first time in over 5 years, Dave Seaman is about to embark on a tour of North America, taking in several major cities over the course of 3 weekends in November. He has not been playing anything major in America for the last few years other than the odd gig here or there so you could say it was about time Dave rectified that.… Read More

Artist Spotlight: Justin James


Playing at TomorrowWorld, with DJs/Producers that you have always looked up to, would be a dream of many and a reality of few.  For all those who don’t believe dreams can come true..  Justin James, who recently played on the Minus Stage at TomorrowWorld, alongside Techno royalty, inspiration  and now colleague – Richie Hawtin, show us they can.… Read More