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In Case You Missed It… Sundance Beach Festival & JVD Interview


As summer closes its doors, it’s sadly time to retire the beloved festival season. We made our way down to HTO Park for the last party of the summer, Sundance Beach Festival. I can promise you that this venue will be a hotspot for mid-sized festivals and beach parties next summer, as it’s located right on the shoreline with a faux beach and breathtaking view of the city.… Read More

That “MaRLo” Sound


When a Dj can lay fame to producing a sound with their name attached…it’s not suprising that MaRLo has a hectic tour schedule, coming straight from  Las Vegas to play at the Sundance Beach Festival. We were lucky enough that MaRLo found some time to chat with us before his set; and with Redbull in hand (welcome to the #nosleepclub) we spoke about tour schedules, Armin and A State of Trance (“ASOT”), Australia, pizza and of course….about that “MaRLo” sound.… Read More