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If you like it then you BETTER put a label on it

WARNING – the contents of this article may be considered a Rant

label maker

There is a terrible trend happening in music at the moment.  Maybe it has always been there and I haven’t noticed.. or maybe it is more prevalent here in Toronto than in Australia… for those who know me you can guess where this one is going… but seriously… why do I have to put a label on it?Read More

JVPR Playlist: “Pink Champagne” Inspired by TomorrowWorld


We are taking you on a journey today on the next installment of our JVPR playlists. “Pink Champagne” is a Celebration of a variety of music styles all combined into this delicious playlist inspired by our time at TomorrowWorld.

Rich with some Tech, layers of progressive and undertones of house and trance; “Pink Champagne” will allow you to experience TomorrowWorld as if you were there.… Read More