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Tomas Kerata – Magic Triangle // NOW AVAILABLE

10068209Label: Fummelerum Company
Catalogue ID: FMR0026
Artist: Tomas Kerata
Title: Magic Triangle
Type: Single
Remixes: True Anomaly, Corvin Dalek, Paul Quzz
Release date: 2014 – 09 -22

A deep driving track with positive dark energy loaded in the original tech house edit by Tomas Kerata makes the heart of these groovy aural experience.… Read More

“We are the Bounce Generation” – Will Sparks, Joel Fletcher & Timmy Trumpet

“Will the genre continue to resonate internationally or will it remain a treasure only to be found in Melbourne?”
This is a sentence I read last year in an article talking about the genre of music labeled as ‘Melbourne Bounce’ or ‘Melbourne Sound’…… or as I have always known it as “Melbourne Bangers“.… Read More