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City Kid Soul – Haunted // NOW AVAILABLE


Catalogue ID: ABR004
Artist: City Kid Soul ft. Jordan Allen
Title: Haunted
Type: Single
Remixes: Paul Quzz & Cosella

City Kid Soul’s debut on ALL BLAK Records features erie lyrics as the focal point of the track written by Jordan Allen that were created because of a constant battle he was having within himself.Read More

The Curse of the Mainstream in Nightlife

curse of the mainstream

Spaces have layers of lives. We like the feeling that there’s multiple layers underneath of what’s there right now, and you’re part of a long continuity of activity – David Byrne

The nightclub. A misinterpreted entity. A concept that has lost the unique intangibles that made it so much more of an impactful cultural phenomenon all those years ago – cue the mainstream.… Read More