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CODA Presents: THE JUNKIES Residency Launch – 02.06.15

On February 6th, our hometown boys The Junkies takeover CODA for a very special launch of their residency night.
Playing alongside Toronto’s local favourites Leo Franco, Ricky Syfer, and Chris Larsen, some serious family vibes are in store for this night. Toronto’s underground music scene has a lot of key players and moments in its history that has made it the reputable music hub it is today.… Read More

New Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

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The Swedes are at it again. Teenage Engineering, known for their little but powerful synthesizer, the OP-1, recently released a line of new pocket sized synths. The first being the PO-12 Rhythm, a drum synth, the PO-14 Sub, a bass synth, and the PO-16, a melody synth, all equipped with a sequencer and parameter locks.… Read More