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Tunes on a Tuesdays.

Cesare vs Disorder & Mikael Stavostrand – No One
Short sample but one to keep an eye out for.

?! – Hold On (Patrick Weblin Remix)
Late night grooves

Whyt Noyz – Yes Private (Original Mix)
Fresh track on the latest Whyt Noyz EP upcoming on Minus

Stefano Noferini – Extraluv (Original Mix)
Hard hitting groove accompanied by a ton of a remixes to fit any style

REZZ – Manipulate (Original Mix)
A heavy hitter coming straight from Niagara Falls, Canada.… Read More

Electronic Dance Music – A Return to Past Criticisms?

EDM Discussion

Music is an extension of self.
Whether it’s voiced, orchestrated or performed; music is a powerful, universal language.  From tribal circles of the ancient world, to the invention of the phonogram itself (allowing for mass recordings) a potential debate has been brewing and only now are we beginning to see the probable implications for the future of electronic dance music culture.… Read More

Who is Duke Tran?


First off I would like to introduce myself. My name is Duc Anh Tran, but I go by Duke Tran. I am from Toronto and produce tech/deep house, techno and a few other kinds of music that I am still experimenting with and I also DJ every so often around the city.… Read More