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Artist Spotlight: Hector Moralez


Rising from Oakland, California and now one of house music’s elite, Hector Moralez has been working tirelessly to further his intelligent and soul-awakening type of house music.

Whether in the studi or performing live, Hectors sounds take influence from Latin, jazz, funk, hip hop & soul and are of course sewn together with his apparent grooving bass lines and solid fat

Hector sets no boundaries as he expands the limits with his exceptional and versatile approach to producing and presenting his interpretation and version of house music.… Read More

Steep Of The Week \\ 024

Thanks to Marah from My Cup of Tech for contributing her “Steep of the Week” with us.
20 amazing tracks to help get you through the hump day!

Track listing below;

Mark Lizancos – You Don’t (Original Mix)
Mason – I Knocked For Days
Mario Aureo & Spieltape feat.
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