Album Review: DJ W!LD – Techno City (W)

Artist: DJ W!LD
Title: Techno City
Label: W
Released: April 3rd, 2017

1). The Hike (Intro) [Digital Only]
2). Love On The Beat
3). Time To Say Goodbye [Digital Only]
4). Street Religion
5). Americana
6). Aimer et C’est Tout
7). Techno City
8) All Night
9). Talking With Hoffman
10). King Hit
11). Mon Cote Obscur (Outro) [Digital Only]

A staple in the Parisian underground scene and a Circoloco resident at DC10. The Dijon native is a veteran in the music industry and someone who has always remained true to his roots. DJ W!LD has been responsible for over 300 tracks on some of the most respected labels in the world, which lead him to the creation of his own imprint W in 2010. On W, W!LD has exercised an unrestricted artistic vision for his output on the label. This has culminated in his latest release Techno City, W!LD’s first album in over 2 years.

The Techno offering from the veteran DJ undertakes a feel of simplicity that is as refreshing as it is clinical. The album gets underway with the intro “The Hike”, which sets an eerie tone with the sounds of crickets on a dark summers night. Following this is “Love On The Beat”, which sets the pace from the very first kick drum and the swelling bassline smoothly flows into the third track, “Time To Say Goodbye”. Sharp drums and precise hi hat work carry this track as deft piano breaks flow throughout it.

Next up is “Street Religion”, a sweeping disco-synth tune with a very groovy vibe to it. This leads into 90’s inspired “Americana” which holds an old-school grimy atmosphere. This is followed up by “Aimer et C’est Tout”, another sharp and hard hitting techno track that features vocals and whirling synths throughout. The 7th track “Techno City” is a floor filling cinematic track and is most definitely one of the standouts on the project, it really jacks up the energy heading into the final few tracks.

The 8th track is “All Night”, which has a relaxed vibe despite the extremely sharp bass hits; it does well in providing some light relief before the next track “Talking With Hoffman”. This is an acid-tinged 5 AM roller that succeeds in dialing up the energy for the final track. This built up energy leads the listener to the climax of the album, and that is the undeniable club track “King Hit”. An Orchestra of snare rolls, emotive pads and striking vocal samples are the main components of what is truly a phenomenal track. The LP concludes with the outro “Mon Cote Obscur”.

Being both danceable and listen-able, DJ W!LD’s Techno City is a purposeful and coherent body of work. W!LD comes through with rich aesthetics and cutting edge production that has the ability to carry the listener through a wide range of hues and atmospheres. This web work of sounds and functional club tracks is a master class in the age old saying that “less is more”.

The Techno City LP is available now on a double vinyl. You can purchase Part 1 HERE which features “King Hit”, “Americana”, “All Night” and “Talking With Hoffman”. You can also purchase Part 2 HERE which features “Aimer et C’est Tout”, “Love On The Beat”, “Techno City” and “Street Religion”. The digital release will follow soon after and you can preview the LP below.