Artist: Dario D’Attis
Title: Bogaloo EP
Label: Lapsus Music
Catalogue Number: LPS194
Release Date: April 28th, 2017

Lapsus Music continues its relentless release schedule with their 16th release of the year already. Providing the tunes for the Italian label is Swiss Producer Dario D’Attis who doesn’t disappoint with his Bogaloo EP. Dario is no stranger to Lapsus Music, as this latest EP marks his 8th release on the label but it’s his first solo release with the Italian label. D’Attis has been spitting out quality music for many years with successful releases on Hive, Dftd, and Poker Flat Recordings; and this one is no different. As we have seen over the years, his classic New York and New Jersey house influence is on full display within this latest EP.

First up is the title track, “Bogaloo”. A house roller with flowing hi hats and lively elastic drums. Dario does a solid job in mixing in some great synth work and vocals that echo throughout. A real sharp tune that holds an abundance of great vibes.

The second of the two tracks is “Try Moon”. The tune is built with loopy layers that swing down low and grab the attention of the listener. The percussion is really smooth and clean while the overall groove is inventive. D’Attis uses a vocal sample throughout that almost acts like a layer of the drum line, an interesting and impressive aspect of the track. Another quality tune.

Both of these tracks are interesting and well done, creating a tight and tidy two track EP from Dario D’Attis. Lapsus Music comes through with another quality release to add to their already impressive resume.

You can preview and pre-order the EP HERE.

Artist (s): Various Artists
Title: Moon Harbour 100
Label: Moon Harbour
Catalogue Number: MHR100
Release Date: April 12th, 2017

1). Matthias Tanzmann – Mahoney Baloney
2). Dan Drastic & Sven Tasnadi – Tastic
3). Luna City Express – Saturday
4). Daniel Stefanik – Resurrection

17 years after its creation in 2000, the Leipzig label has hit its 100th release and they have done it in style. André Quaas and Matthias Tanzmann’s label have actually put out roughly 150 EPs, albums and compilations but this 100th vinyl release is a special family affair for the label. Moon Harbour 100 features key artists Dan Drastic, Sven Tasnadi, Luna City Express, Daniel Stefanik and Matthias Tanzmann himself.

First up is the man who started it all, Matthias Tanzmann. “Mahoney Baloney” is 7 minutes of teasing tech house. Bubbly synth sounds percolate through the dry hollow drums while spoken word vocals add freakiness as it echoes throughout. The warm and rubbery bass ties everything together. Overall another bomb, something we have come to expect from the captain.

Label manager Dan Drastic and his usual sparring partner Sven Tasnadi come together once again for their joint effort, “Tastic”. A deep but cavernous track that features smooth vocals and warm colorful chords that sooth the soul. It is a playful and smartly incendiary track that constantly builds throughout and leaves us with another dance floor banger.

Label mainstays Luna City Express then offer their services for the third track, “Saturday”. A hard hitting track that features vamping synths, frazzled pads and discordant stabs that bring a real wavy feel to the rooted kick drums. A high energy cut that will definitely keep the crowd on its toes for its twisting duration.

The project concludes with the master of intricacy Daniel Stefanik’s “Resurrection”. Restless and bouncy killer drum loops and skewed chords fuel the track, while nicely coiled drums bring a real sense of house funk to the EP. You will be sure to get swept up in this fine tune.

With these 4 very different yet vital cuts, Moon Harbour encapsulates what has made the label so important over the last 100 releases. The German label has helped make the careers of many artists, discovered new talents and showcased underground heroes at the same time. Moon Harbour confirms that while they have grown up they are still young at heart.

Congratulations to Moon Harbour on their impressive milestone release. You can purchase the EP HERE and you can preview the project below.


Artist: DJ W!LD
Title: Techno City
Label: W
Released: April 3rd, 2017

1). The Hike (Intro) [Digital Only]
2). Love On The Beat
3). Time To Say Goodbye [Digital Only]
4). Street Religion
5). Americana
6). Aimer et C’est Tout
7). Techno City
8) All Night
9). Talking With Hoffman
10). King Hit
11). Mon Cote Obscur (Outro) [Digital Only]

A staple in the Parisian underground scene and a Circoloco resident at DC10. The Dijon native is a veteran in the music industry and someone who has always remained true to his roots. DJ W!LD has been responsible for over 300 tracks on some of the most respected labels in the world, which lead him to the creation of his own imprint W in 2010. On W, W!LD has exercised an unrestricted artistic vision for his output on the label. This has culminated in his latest release Techno City, W!LD’s first album in over 2 years.

The Techno offering from the veteran DJ undertakes a feel of simplicity that is as refreshing as it is clinical. The album gets underway with the intro “The Hike”, which sets an eerie tone with the sounds of crickets on a dark summers night. Following this is “Love On The Beat”, which sets the pace from the very first kick drum and the swelling bassline smoothly flows into the third track, “Time To Say Goodbye”. Sharp drums and precise hi hat work carry this track as deft piano breaks flow throughout it.

Next up is “Street Religion”, a sweeping disco-synth tune with a very groovy vibe to it. This leads into 90’s inspired “Americana” which holds an old-school grimy atmosphere. This is followed up by “Aimer et C’est Tout”, another sharp and hard hitting techno track that features vocals and whirling synths throughout. The 7th track “Techno City” is a floor filling cinematic track and is most definitely one of the standouts on the project, it really jacks up the energy heading into the final few tracks.

The 8th track is “All Night”, which has a relaxed vibe despite the extremely sharp bass hits; it does well in providing some light relief before the next track “Talking With Hoffman”. This is an acid-tinged 5 AM roller that succeeds in dialing up the energy for the final track. This built up energy leads the listener to the climax of the album, and that is the undeniable club track “King Hit”. An Orchestra of snare rolls, emotive pads and striking vocal samples are the main components of what is truly a phenomenal track. The LP concludes with the outro “Mon Cote Obscur”.

Being both danceable and listen-able, DJ W!LD’s Techno City is a purposeful and coherent body of work. W!LD comes through with rich aesthetics and cutting edge production that has the ability to carry the listener through a wide range of hues and atmospheres. This web work of sounds and functional club tracks is a master class in the age old saying that “less is more”.

The Techno City LP is available now on a double vinyl. You can purchase Part 1 HERE which features “King Hit”, “Americana”, “All Night” and “Talking With Hoffman”. You can also purchase Part 2 HERE which features “Aimer et C’est Tout”, “Love On The Beat”, “Techno City” and “Street Religion”. The digital release will follow soon after and you can preview the LP below.


Artist: Ben Pearce
Title: Ascension EP
Label: Different Recordings
Released: March 27th, 2017

1). Intro
2). Transit
3). The Middle
4). Crescent

Last Monday, Ben Pearce released his first original EP since Pomelo which dropped on Moda Black a little over a year ago. The Manchester native comes through with his 4-track Ascension EP that was released on Different Recordings. This EP marks the first release of a 4-part concept series that will allude to Ben’s own life, career and experiences in the music industry. Each EP will carry its own meaning, but will each play a role in tying together Ben’s journey.

The Ascension EP comes across as a very inspired piece of work. The idea of millions of voices competing for attention in the social media age and therefore leading artists to feel lonely and intimidated was the overall inspiration for Ben’s third release on the Belgian label.

The project gets started with the “Intro”. This is a beat-less introduction to the concept EP. Filled with whispering voices and crescendoing synths, the “Intro” is a track that has a very soothing feel to it. A beautiful way to start the EP.

The next track “Transit” carries on that calming tone that was set in the introduction. A soft bassline and a slowly building soundscape of chords lead the way. The quick bass and percussion hits mixed with the slow moving chords create a nice contrast within the track that works out perfectly.

The third track is titled “The Middle”, which stands as the most hard-hitting of the 4 tracks. Fast paced arpeggios and a ominous bassline make this track a staple for the dance floor. Expect this to get its fair share of play at parties all over the world.

The EP closes with “Crescent”, a very uplifting way to conclude the project. Pearce comes through with gradually building layers of chords and synth melodies over a soft bassline. The track almost has an out of this world feel to it, coinciding with the cover art and title of the EP. “Crescent” is an immersive and cinematic closing to a stellar EP.

The wide range of moods and tempos throughout the EP’s 4-tracks are structured similarly to that of a short set. Overall, a well done and cohesive project to kick off the 4-part series. We can’t wait for the next three.

You can purchase the EP HERE and you can listen to the tracks below including a bonus version of “Crescent” which features vocals from Elias.


Stay Home has consistently succeeded time and time again in making people feel like they are right at home. The Toronto based group has a fast growing reputation for throwing some of the best intimate and underground parties in the city. This Stay Home event is a collaboration between My Side Project, All Blak Records, No Vacancy and House of Lords; and they are set to take over Club 120 this Friday night (March 31st).

A foursome of local talents will be moving the intimate two-floor venue for the night. First we have two members of Toronto’s very own All Blak Records, Paul Quzz and Steve Marto who are fresh off the release of their latest compilation album Atlas. We have the two captains of My side Project on the decks with Andrew Choe and Steve Hale. Two DJs who are no strangers to staying home and throwing top notch events. The vibes for the night will be in very good hands with these 4 at the helm.

We hope to see you at Club 120 at 10 PM sharp this Friday Night. Click HERE for more details.

Artist: Lluis Ribalta
Title: Dulce Base Ep
Label: Gate Null Recordings
Catalogue Number: GNR080

1). Dulce Base
2). Sentinel

The owner of the Music and Multimedia Association and AM+ is back with another hit EP. This most recent release from the versatile Spanish producer and LR Recordings boss dropped yesterday and take my word for it, it’s well worth the listen. Lluis Ribalta’s Dulce Base EP is his 5th release of the year. This also marks his return to Gate Null Recordings with his 1st solo release on the label since 2014; and his 9th release on the label in total. Lets get into the tracks!

The project kicks off with the title track “Dulce Base”. Sharp drums and precise hi hats set the tone. While subtle background sounds and whirling synths come into play, creating some perfect breakdowns and drops. The synth use in this track is eerie and extremely deep at times, giving the track a dark but intriguing feel. Another great piece of production from Lluis Ribalta.

The second and final track is “Sentinel”. Which features firm bass hits, frantic drums and a boom-bap rhythm. Ribalta uses altered piano sounds that grow with the track and eventually take it over. This chilling piano groove makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and once again Lluis succeeds in creating a very powerful and deep track with “Sentinel”.

Lluis Ribalta’s return to Gate Null showcases his darker side within a solid techno EP. Dark synth lines, subtle elements and detailed arrangements are the common themes that drive the project and as a result we receive another solid piece of work from the Spanish producer.

You can purchase the EP HERE and listen to the tracks below.


Artist (s): Various Artists
Title: Oh My Shake! Miami WMC 2017
Label: Shake Limited
Catalogue Number: SHKL04
Release Date: March 17th, 2017

1). “Universal Language”- Antony PL & Paul S
2). “Our New Brother Life”- Alf & Gio
3). “Estereo”- Bassel Darwish
4). “Other Box”- Charlie Brown
5). “On The Floor”- Danny Nz
6). “Al Trapone”- Eyko
7). “Turning Point”- Federico Castilletti
8). ” Freedom Sound”- Felix Fiorentino
9). “Yage”- Flashers & Unai Amador
10). “Sensation”- Giacomo De Falco & Gianluca Rattalino
11). “Dalma”- Jay de Lys
12). “Dazed In Madness”- Jon Tsamis
13). “Groove & Bass”- Klover Haze
14). “She Is”- Lucas  Ferreyra
15). “All Right”- Marco C.
16). “Dark”- Niko Freij
17). “Like The Boss”- NILL Papa
18). “Mr President”- Nukem
19). “Groove E”- Paul Quzz & DEVV
20). “Martini”- Rhoowax
21). “Hey Too Late”- Roberto Surace
22). “Congaca”- Ruben Zurita
23). “Ipanema”- Saul Antolin
24). “It’s Back Now”- The Boombox
25). “Denoting Auch”- Unrazze

Shake Recordings’ sister imprint Shake Limited dropped its 25-track various artist album titled: Oh My Shake! Miami WMC 2017 last Friday. This marks the young labels 4th release since coming into existence in January of this year. This latest album is  jam packed with quality house, techno and tech house; something we have come to expect from Shake releases. This project features 25 original tracks from 29 very talented producers from across the world. Including the new hit track from Roberto Surace “Hey Too Late”, as well as originals from Bassel Darwish, Charlie Brown and Jay de Lys. Shake Limited’s tribute to the 2017 Miami WMC also features a fire original track from Toronto natives Paul Quzz and DEVV titled “Groove E”.

You can purchase the album HERE and feel free to have a listen to the project below


Artist: Juan Torrado
Title: Retrouvailles EP
Label: Klangwerk Records
Remixes: Jay de Lys & Deetech
Catalogue Number: KW017
Release Date: April 1st, 2017 (Exclusive release date) or April 15th, 2017 (Global release date)

1). Retrouvailles
2). Retrouvailles ( Jay de Lys Remix)
3). Mangata
4). Mangata (Deetech Remix)

Klangwerk Records comes through with their 17th release and their 4th of 2017 to date. The Belgian label welcomes the Appetite Records boss Juan Torrado who does not disappoint. Retrouvailles features two original tracks with remixes from Jay de Lys and Deetech. This latest release sees the first original tracks from Torrado since his “Mr Blinder EP” in December.

The EP gets started with the title track “Retrouvailles”. Solid percussion hits set the groundwork, while timely synth hits go to work in the background. Torrado mixes in some strong chord strikes and deep vocals that make the track bang. Overall, a very powerful and well produced tech house track that will definitely be a popular one.

After this comes the Jay de Lys remix of “Retrouvailles”. The Argentinian producer puts together a track with a very different feel. The remix features harder hitting drums, sharp percussive hits and synths that flow easily in and out of the track. Overall a less powerful but more fast pace and precise track from the Expensive Records boss.

The third track is the second original from Juan Torrado called “Mangata”. Icy hi hats and hard hitting drums lead the groove. Whirling synths are mixed in throughout and they fill the background nicely, perfectly complimenting the groove. Another quality tech house track that will be sure to get people on their feet and dancing.

The project wraps up with the “Mangata” remix done by Deetech. The other half of Appetite Records has already had a hand in 18 releases in 2017, and by the time this drops that number will hit 22; top class work ethic. Deetech’s remix is a slowed down and darker version of the track. The whirling synths are familiar to the original version, but background chord hits and a vocal sounding sample help create a much darker atmosphere for the track.

Juan Torrado, Jay de Lys and Deetech serve up quality tech house hits that will be sure to get play worldwide. You can purchase the latest Klangwerk Records release on April 1st exclusively on Beatport. But for now, you can check out the preview of this EP below.


Artist: Hernan Bass
Title: Malos Pensamientos
Label: Lucidflow
Catalogue Number: LF127
Release Date: March 13th, 2017

On March 13th Lucidflow is set to drop their 127th release. This latest project comes from the Buenos Aires based producer Hernan Bass, who is making his debut on the Berlin label. The Krad Records boss is one of the hardest workers in the industry; fitting in a world tour, slots on a variety of radio shows and plenty of releases into his busy schedule. Bass has seen success with releases on labels such as Innocent Music, Little Helpers and Baile Musik. The Argentinians tireless work ethic has landed him in the top 50 best selling minimal and deep tech artists on Beatport.

The talented producer plans on continuing this success with Malos Pensamientos. The EP kicks off with the title track which is built on the groove and drop structure. Hernan comes through with intricately mastered beats that drive the track, while the bassline provides the fuel. The drops are punctuated with chord strikes, raising the drama before settling back into the groove. A perfect way to start the EP.

Next up is “Lorenzo”, another smooth and well produced track. What stands out the most is the “Anger has a place…in all of this” vocal that repeats throughout. This vocal is brilliantly used in driving the intensity of the drop and nifty rimshots are used to guide the track like a prominent metronome. Overall another really solid track.

The third track is “Francia o Muerte” which translates to “France or Death”. The Buenos Aires native comes correct with foggy bass stabs, frozen chords and bubbling percussive tones. The sum of these elements creates a fast moving and gear shifting tune that won’t disappoint.

The project wraps up with “Feeling Wrong” featuring Alya UA. This track captures a much more emotive feel punctuated by the smoky whispers of Alya UA and bluesy textures. When comparing it to the other tracks on the EP, this tune is the perfect way to wind down the project.

Malos Pensamientos is a collection of groove led tracks that are injected with summer heat. That will no doubt be a welcomed listen for the people craving those sunlight filled days of the summer.

Pre-Order and preview Hernan Bass’ Lucidflow debut HERE.

Artist: Anek
Title: Rebellion EP
Label: Moon Harbour
Catalogue Number: MHD027
Release Date: March 29th, 2017

1). Neck And Back
2). Beams Of Life
3). Rebellion

Moon Harbour is back again with what is set to be their 5th release of 2017, march 29th sees the return of Anek to the Leipzig label. The last time these young exciting producers appeared on Moon Harbour, they impressed with their 2016 hit “Work My Body” which was showcased on the Orbiter II EP.

Anek is a young accomplished duo from Copenhagen Denmark. Made up of Denise and Karina Jensen, the two have become a significant part of the music scene, especially in Ibiza. Where they have been residents at VIVa Warriors events as well as being picked to play at the emerging Ibiza festival. Not to mention they already have releases on Overdrive Musik and Chronovision to name a few. Anek are prepared to continue riding the wave of success with their latest solo EP “Rebellion”.

The first track on the EP is the excellent “Neck And Back” track. Anek use expertly designed drums that are slick and loopy, and will make you get up and move with no trouble at all. The duo mixes in some sci-fy synths that pepper the groove and also use vocal samples from Khia’s “My Neck, My Back” to add some fun. Overall it’s a real recipe for success.

Next is the busier and more complex “Beams Of Life”. An energetic track that features sharp percussive hits, tumbling toms and pained synths. Resulting in a restless and physical tune that brings a sense of late night tension to the project. Another piece of quality from the Danish duo.

The EP wraps up with the title track “Rebellion”. The last of the trio is the most melodic of the group, featuring infectious metal drums and buffed up chords. Anek also add a female vocalist who delivers her lines with real attitude, giving the track a fine exercise of building up tension and teasing release.

Overall, a versatile EP that shows Anek have great range and plenty of skill to pull off a variety of sounds. Look out for the EP in its entirety on March 29th HERE.