Beatport launches new genre “Leftfield House & Techno”

Beatport is attempting to draw the line between commercial and underground styles.

Welcome to Beatport’s newest genre;

Leftfield House & Techno

With the on-going change up around Beatport, the new genre is another step towards separating commercial-leaning electronic music to more underground styles. Beatport’s newest section contains music from labels such as Hivern Disc, Hot Haus Records, No Corner & many others.

Beatport General Manager Terry Weerasinghe stated that,

 “70% of the tracks sold on Beatport fall squarely in our House and Techno genres so we wanted to do something to highlight the high-quality underground releases that people could miss amongst the 25,000 new tracks that appear each week. Beatport have worked directly with smaller, boutique labels to make an area on the site which will shine a light on off-kilter, lo-fi, avant-garde house and techno.”

The change comes as an addition to the previous attempts to filter commercial music out of the House & Deep House categories that saw “Big Room & Future House” genres emerge.

Beatport may have more genres to announce in the coming months to further separate commercial and underground releases.