Last Vision is an italian duo from Bari made up of Gabriele & Andrea and was conceived in 2014. The two wanted to combine their different musical experiences, Gabriele coming from a classical music backgound and his instrument, the cello, where as Andrea was already a DJ before the duo combined.

It was tough at first for Gabriele & Andrea to work together, the sounds and styles clashed, but they were able to find a common ground through time and practise. Having continued to work together and move forward with their sound, they have had a number of successful releases on labels such as Natural RhythmAmazing Lab, Habla Music & Proper Musique while working hard to perfect their trade and expand their horizons.

Having had the chance to work with this talented duo, I took the time to ask them some questions regarding the new year and their past.


Last Vision, welcome! Lets start off with a simple one; How did the two of you meet?
Hi, first of all it’s a pleasure for us to be apart of this interview, thank you!
The two of us met in our early childhood while we attended the same parish and worked with the same activities. At that time, we never thought of creating a project together; we were children, we played together, with other friends, with our brothers etc…

Our interests were completely different even with the passing years, Gabriele had started at the conservatory while Andrea was attracted by science and technology.

When did you start making music together?
In 2014, knowing each other better, we thought that being able to combine the theoretical and technical musical knowledge (studied at the conservatory) to that of electronic music (acquired by Andrea) could be a way to express two different concepts of the same passion: Music! Gabriele studied the cello for nine years at the conservatory, but at the same time he had a piano and basses. Instead in 2011, after a course at the GOS urban laboratory, Andrea had increasingly matured and learned various techniques both as a DJ and as a producer inspired by his favourite artists, Luciano.

Together, we tried to create something but it was very difficult because of the different understandings of music. Our first work not published, but at the same time it was something very lounge-y and melodious, with a classic influence. We continued to refine our work with a lot of practice, patience and dedication taking inspiration from many genres. Artists like Marco Carola, Loco Dice, Luciano, Guti, The Martinez Brothers and many other, are all people who we looked up too, despite the commitments we had to the university.

It was only after several months that we had achieved satisfactory results by releasing our first EP, “Grime” on Mind+ Records by Artil.

How long did you use the alias “Drehan & Marzus” before switching to Last Vision?
We used the alias “Drehan & Marzus” for a little more than one year. Previously, we thought to change our name because it is too difficult to pronounce for some. “Drehan” was the first alias by Andrea (Drehan Esse) when he debuted; “Marzus” was added later when the project expanded. Under the alias “Drehan & Marzus” we released on different label such as Mind+, Atum Records, Sousa Label, Amazing Lab, Locked Records, Waldliebe Familien. But we were not completely satisfied about those works, they were experiments, although we had several positive feedbacks.

The opportunity to change our name and give a new twist to the project, came when our facebook page was hacked. So among other options, we choose “Last Vision”.

You had many releases in 2016 and 2017 doesn’t look too different, tell us about some of the new works.
Since we began to work as “Last Vision”, we have found the right tune, the right inspiration, the right sound! In each work we have tried to give a special characteristic to better explain our vision of music. Their are tracks with deep and processed bass, other with particular synths, or with an hip hop drum and so on.

Luckily, we have reached several satisfactions, supports by big artist such as Leon, Stefano Noferini, LATMUN, and signed contracts with important labels as well as began to work on different collaborations with great artists. In 2017 we will release on Ride Music, Charlotte Label, All Blak Records, SHAKE, BASSWALK RECORDS and others surprises which we will announce later.

What is the goal for 2017, where do you want to be at the end of the year?
We don’t have big goals, the most important thing for us is to share our passion, our sound, our ideas without having to wipe out the other artists. Certainly we hope to reach more milestones (releases on established labels), and have the continued support from artists & friends.

Anything else you can tell us for the new year?
We always try to conceive music not as a business but as a passion, an art, a way to be together, enjoy together!
Leave aside the selfishness and the hypocrisy at the expense of other artists. Let the music unites and does not divide!

Thank you guys!

Find Last Vision on Beatport, Soundcloud & Facebook

Deeply influenced by the Frankfurt sound of the early 90s, Chris Wood’s interaction with electronic music quickly developed from passion to profession. After completing his studies as an audio engineer, he met Pascal FEOS who brought Chris into his network, GEM/Elektrolux. Then in 2003, Chris began working as the manager for levelNONzero Records, the label which was founded by Pascal Feos. This led to a numerous releases and remixes under labels such as Moon Harbour, Souvenir, Upon You, MurMur and many more.

2009 saw a change for Chris when he began to work closely with his friend Meat from Freebase Records in Frankfurt. It was the start of something very special and the two have since released music and played live together a countless number of times.

Chris continues to break the international scene with his ever evolving style of House music that draws inspiration from a history of experiences. His work speaks for itself, in and out of the studio and thankfully, he doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

We had the opportunity to speak to Chris and discuss what it has been like coming through the ranks in Frankfurt and what to expect from him with the new year quickly approaching.


Chris, thank you for taking the time to speak with us, how is everything going at the moment?
Hey Paul, thank you for the invitation! Everything is going well, after closing our record store Freebase last year, there has been much more time to go into the studio and play and of course, there is much more time for my newborn son and my family!

Congratulations on being a father! Speaking of the studio, you work closely on many projects and gigs with MEAT, how did you two get to know eachother and when did the two of you begin to work together?
Meat is one of my best friends for a long time. We met when he was running the old Freebase store and I was working for the Delirium Record store in Frankfurt. We became friends, and started to produce together. This was (and is still) working very good, and we settled our names together as Chris Wood & Meat. That is a reason why we play many gigs together, but also because we know each others taste and style for so long that its perfect to play together.

Many of your productions have been on some of the highest regarded labels in the world, what track do you believe helped you the most?
I have no idea! Haha! I think one of my biggest tracks that I have produced alone was “ I Give You Everything” on Pressure Traxx. The biggest track I did together with Meat was Triple S on Souvenir (I think) but there are so many more that we love! For us, all of our tracks are big ones!

Is there anything in the studio you have been using in particular?
I do not have a favourite setup, I always go with the flow. Sometimes it catches me, sometimes not.

Anything new on the way that you can tell us about?
Meat & I have just released a remix on the Japanese label Sea of Green and we will also have a new release on Geddes label “No Fit State” from the UK. We are also working hard, together with Christian Burkhardt for a new release coming soon!

You’re an avid vinyl collector and you worked at “Freebase Records & Sneakers” for quite some time – can you tell us more about the shop? Why did it close?

Freebase Records is/was one of the most famous record stores for electronic music for the past 20 years. When Freebase moved to a different location 4 years ago in Frankfurt, Meat asked me, if we would run the store together and we did. It was a great time until the end, but at the beginning of this year, we noticed that there was not enough time to go to the studio anymore. Playing on the weekends and working at the store during the week was too much. Also, Meat was a bit fed up of running a store. He did this for the last 20 years and when push came to shove, we decided to close it.  We kept the brand and the philosophy of Freebase Records alive by continuing with parties and the vinyl label.

With all of the records you have, what is the one record you would never give up?
Haha, no idea. All of them!! Haha.

Thank you for your time Chris and we hope to see you in Canada soon!
I hope to come back to Canada soon! Love this country and thank you!

You can find more of Chris Wood on Facebook, Soundcloud & Beatport.


Promotion teams are a dime a dozen in Toronto and they are constantly changing. Teams come and go without a moments notice; one day they’r behind some of the best the city has seen and the next they’re yesterdays news. One team in particular though has been fighting for Toronto’s underground for over a decade and continues to teach party go-ers about artists from around the world that deserve to be showcased at the best venues this city has to offer.

House Addict had its humble beginning, evolving into a name known for its attention to detail and events that continue to succeed. From System Sound Bar to Sunnyside Pavillion, House Addict has been behind a number of the cities favourite parties and with their 13 year anniversary on the cards, we sat down with Chris McKean, Owner of House Addict,  to showcase how far they have come and what lies ahead after 13 years.


Hi Chris, thanks for sitting down with us and Happy 13 Year Anniversary!
Tell us, what was it that started House Addict back in 2003?

Well, around 13 years ago I was in a record shop. I was looking through records, trying to grab some new tracks for a gig I had at “Nasa”. I met two guys who were both buying records in the same shop and funny enough, they both had gigs at Nasa coming up, one of them being a DJ and the other a promoter.

One thing led to another and over some time, the three of us were contacted by the owners of Nasa. They liked all 3 of us and explained how we were doing similar parties on different nights and instead of spreading ourselves out, why not work together? We knew it was a good idea, and we decided to start a new project; House Addict.

So you were a DJ first – How did you get into music in the first place?

It was all about the records.

When I moved to Toronto from Guelph after University, I started to go to places like Industry, System Sound Bar & Roxy Blue and with time I connected with like-minded individuals who were fighting for the same cause. I had the opportunity to play at System Sound Bar back in 2004 for Therapy Fridays with guys like Deko-ze & Mark Scaife and it really helped me grow.

13 years is a long time to be promoting and playing events around the city, lets take a look at some of the gems over the years.



Footwork – House Addict’s first appearance 

We had the opportunity to work at Footwork many times over the years and I was always really happy about that.

I met Joel and Steph through frequenting their venue and as soon as I had a chance to talk to them, I handed over a demo CD and the next thing I knew, we were in talks about doing a House Addict night.

The Fridays at the time were called “Rehab” so it only made sense to have ‘House Addict go to Rehab’ for what would be my first gig at Footwork and to boot, for my birthday.

This month of events was especially special at Footwork. Looking back now, Toronto has always had so much talent and with time, we’ve seen some of these artists grow with huge international and local success.



Toika w/ Shur-I-Kan

This was a really great party.

These bookings began thanks to a relationship that started between myself and the ‘Bring the Beats’ crew which was run by Gregor Davidson.

Gregor and I got together to work on bookings and events and we were both big fans of Shur-I-Kan who was releasing on Jimpster’s label, Freerange Records.

When we saw the opportunity to book him, we took the dive and brought him over to Toronto and it paid off. It was a special night that helped to grow many new relationships and move towards more events over time.




65817_132248003502638_4292031_nFootwork w/ Milton Jackson

I have always been a huge fan of the Freerange Records label and still am.

I’ve had the opportunity to do work with Jimpster and many of his affiliates over the years and Milton Jackson was always on my radar.

I was fortunate for this event though because Joel & Jazz had booked Milton at Footwork for this one. Joel called me up and said “I know you’re a huge fan of the Freerange crew and we have Milton coming in soon. Do you want to be apart of this?”

It was music to my ears, I couldn’t have been happier to hop on board with another great event at Footwork and I got to play one of the best rooms in the city, again!


jimpster-nov25The Great Hall w/ Jimspter

As I was saying before, we have done a lot of work with Jimpster over the years and this event specifically at the Great Hall was an amazing one.

We were celebrating 15 years of Freerange Records and I wanted this event to be special for him which is why we chose this venue. The Great Hall is one of the most historic venues in the city, and they were known to host different types of events and concerts at the time, so when we had the opportunity to bring this sound to a special venue we took it.

The Great Hall is a beautiful place as is and we wanted to keep the atmosphere for this event. With electronic events, decor is usually a big thing but we decided to keep it to a minimum and really show off the beauty of the Great Hall.

It’s crazy to see how many events you’ve been apart of at this point in your career but tell me Chris – when was this? 

Where the hell did you find this? Hahahaha.
This was in the basement of the old Una Mas. It’s obviously not around anymore but at the time, Christina from Rampant was doing Saturday nights and she asked us to come in and host ever so often. Sydney Blu was also doing a night there around this time and I had the opportunity to play with House Addict on the bill and we had an amazing time.

It’s been fun looking into the past but with the 13 Year Anniversary party coming up in a few days, the question is; What’s Next?

Over the last few summers we have been working the Sunnyside parties with Richard Brooks of Captive Audience and the plan is to continue into the next year as well. This summer saw a very aggressive schedule for Sunny Side and the goal is to do a similar format for next year. As for club events, you will continue to find us in similar venues that we’ve been throwing events in over the years and even though that will continue, we are working on a number of new pop up ideas around the city at places we’ve never been before. Our team is growing and has been over the years and new people mean new ideas so stay tuned!


Chris & the House Addict team will be celebrating 13 years at CODA this Friday with Eli & Fur. They will also be touring the airwaves with City Kid Soul on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday building up to the celebration at CODA Friday.

Find the full event info for Eli & Fur HERE

And don’t forget to tune in!





Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Dennis Cruz is a name everyone has come across over the last year as his tracks continue to hit the charts and receive support from artists far and wide. Dennis has been perfecting his craft for a long time, though he broke through the Spanish scene in 2010 – he hasn’t taken a step back since finding the spotlight.

Aside from creating chart topping tracks, Dennis loves to harbour new talent and with his own imprint, Lemon-Aid Music launched in 2013, he has been able to showcase artists he believes do not get enough attention, while still releasing music he constantly includes in his live sets.

Dennis made his way to Toronto for the first time this past September for “Equinox” just days after the Solid Grooves closing party in Ibiza and we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with him before taking the stage.

Dennis, welcome to Canada. I understand it’s your first time here, is their something you wanted to see or try while you are here?

Thank you very much Paul. I believe this is a very different city from what I am use too, haha but i’m so proud to be in such a great country with amazing people. I had the chance to see the CN Tower and it was amazing, I could not believe how high I was!The Solid Grooves closing party was just a few days ago (09/22) and it looked amazing, what was it like to be there on stage and playing?I am still speechless from this party. Myself, Michael Bibi, PAWSA & Latmun played B2B with 1 mixer and 4 CDJ’s. It was a very special set, we took turns playing one track each and had a lot of fun with it – I hope to be able to do this again.This summer you played your first residency in Ibiza – What kind of experience did you take from it?

For me, it was very special. Ibiza is the main music centre during the summer and I was so happy to be apart of it this year. I had the opportunity to play at Privilege which for me is one of the best clubs on the island. I also played the closing party of Vista Club with John Acquaviva and could not have asked for more!!

You play a lot of your own music in your sets; between touring and everything, where do you find the time to produce?

It is hard to find the time to produce, I am the kind of person that does not like to produce anywhere but in the studio, I hate headphones. When I have time, I make sure I stay in the studio for as much as I can. Now in the next little bit, I will be producing less than I have but it’s only because my time at home is being cut short!


Who are some of your favourite producers coming up right now?

Well, their are a lot of talented producers in the world and it’s hard to pick and choose names because everyone is creating something amazing, but for me, Samu.l & Metodi Hristov are two of my favourites.


When you’re working in the studio, what are you using? What are your favourite plug ins? Machines?

I like to use Native Instruments Maschine Studio & the Komplete keyboard. It is my favourite combination  at the moment not only because they are easy to use together but both are amazing machines. For creating, I like to make music in Ableton and when I am ready to mix and master, I take everything into Pro Tools.
I also have some analog machines in the studio; I like to use different synthesizers, I really enjoy using the Tr-808 from Roland as well. Sometimes I get stuck in there for a very long time, haha!


Your releases continue to do well and chart on Beatport’s Top 100, what’s coming next for you?

I have a release coming in October on Coyu’s label Suara, a 3 track EP that I think will be very good. I also have a number of remixes coming up soon as well and too top it all off, I am working on a secret collaboration and I won’t tell you who it is with, but it is going to be a big bomb!


Can’t wait to hear the new music! What tips would you give some upcoming producers trying to succeed with music?

I think for any producer, they need to constantly create and never stop. Even though you might be making music in the same genre as other artists, you need to find a unique sound or style that people will know you for – it needs to be something special. Never forget that!


Thank you for your time Dennis, we hope to see you again in Canada very soon!


You can find Dennis on Beatport, Facebook & Resident Advisor

Dennis Cruz


When a massive year is coming to a close, the best way to appreciate it is to stop and a take a look at whats been accomplished.

For any artists, the goal is usually to play some memorable parties while putting out music people enjoy – it’s no different for City Kid Soul who we originally sat down with back in 2013 before the whirlwind of the music scene took over.

Looking back on the Spotlight of the duo we did in 2013, they still hadn’t played any shows outside of London, Ontario and the only discography they had under their belts at the time was a Kanye West and Chante Moore Remix.

2015 was a year to remember for the now, Toronto based duo who saw some of their original productions rise to new heights all the while playing some of the best shows Toronto had to offer in 2015.


City Kid Soul’s Top 3 Releases
of 2015

3. Trippin’ EP [ALL BLAK Records]

“We had a blast making Trippin’ because it was our first EP for ALL BLAK Records. It’s different from our usual sound, but that’s why we had so much fun making it. It helped us push the boundaries and explore a different side which is something we were interested in doing. We’ve always been fans of messing around with different genres and seeing where ideas can take us. All in all, we’re happy with the outcome of all three tracks. Crazy to think it was released over a year ago now, because we still drop it in our sets.”

2. Rockets (Original Mix) [Big Mama’s House Records]

“The Rockets EP was actually a little bit of a love-child of new and recycled materials. We snagged the bassline from “Erhu” out of the bones of an old tune we put together years ago and revamped the track. “Rockets” was just a fun one we were messing around with. The groove and the chords seemed to work well and we fit in that 808 style bass with it too. We wanted to give it a booty-house kind of Dirtybird vibe. As for the vocals…we always come up with ridiculous one liners when we are hanging out, so it originally just started with “girl come around you a rocket, baby don’t stop it” but after a few drinks, we were able to whip up vocals for the entire tune.”

1. Love Taps – Back For More ft. Maya Killtron (City Kid Soul Remix) [Big Mama’s House]

“Jer from Main Course had sent us the original tune, and we fell in love with it. Maya and the Love Taps absolutely crushed this track. We listened to it for a while and asked for the stems just to mess around with. There was never really any intention of releasing it, we just wanted to have fun and jam. When it was finished, it got into the hands of the Deep Sounds guys who liked it and wanted to put it out on their channel. Jer gave us the go ahead to put it out as a free DL and funny looking back, but we didn’t think anyone would ever hear it and its been our biggest release of this year.”

Honourable mentions:

Nice Dudes (Original Mix) [House of Hustle]

What Now (Original Mix) [ALL BLAK Records]


City Kid Soul’s Top 3 Shows
of 2015

3. Debut at CODA Toronto12088276_436590043132654_5360687386660505824_n

“Playing Coda was definitely a special moment for us and a goal of ours ever since we began playing together. We attended plenty of shows back in the Footwork days, and now as Coda, the tradition of throwing quality events where everyone can expect to hear some of the best house music from artists at the top of their game has continued. That’s why Coda has always been our #1 spot to play in the city. As artists, we are always looking to push ourselves and take what we’re doing to the next level, and that next step in Toronto – For us, that’s Coda.

To have the opportunity to play to a crowd of people who really care about the music is all we could ever ask for, and we feel really fortunate that the Coda team & our homies at HouseAddict are there supporting us. Looking forward to being back there on January 8th for Low Steppa!!”


2. WAYHOME FestivalWayHome-Toronto-Festival

“What made Wayhome so special was that we had no intentions of playing there at all when the summer started, and it kind of just happened. We were still riding the wave of playing Bestival a few weeks before when we got an email out of the blue from someone who claimed to work for Wayhome Festival. By this point, we had heard of the festival, but hadn’t really looked into it much because it was new to Ontario – we honestly thought it was one of friends pulling a really mean prank at first. We emailed back (what was the worst that could happen, right?) and sure enough, it was real. This was a surreal moment for us, because it was the first time we had been sought out by and big out-of-town booker for a gig. We were kind of like ‘whoa…does this mean people besides our friends actually listen to our music?!’ It was a dope feeling knowing that someone out there had found us and liked us enough to want to have us come play at Wayhome. Again, like Bestival, the festival was incredible; it ran so smoothly and the staff treated us so well. Big props to Wayhome.”

1. BESTIVALbestival-featured

“Bestival was amazing in so many ways, we really can’t say enough about it. The festival ended up being a big turning point for us in the summer, and we kind of lucked out because we didn’t know wether we were playing until about a week and a half before. We had just finished up our remix of Back For More feat. Maya Killtron by Love Taps and we managed to pair it up as a free download/press story leading up to the festival. The response on the track was better than anything we could of imagined – I think the track now has over 40 thousand plays – and it created a lot of hype around us which was something we’ve never really experienced before. The best part about playing Bestival though was that we got to reconnect with some older friends, some of which that were never into the house or electronic music scene, and spread our name a little more that way. There were a ton of people contacting us before the gig saying things like ‘Dude, so cool you guys are playing at Bestival. I’ll be at your set for sure’, and some of these people we hadn’t talked to in 4 or maybe 5 years. Being able to show people that normally don’t hang out at clubs every weekend what we do was special for us. Bestival wasn’t just all about electronic music, it was about all genres of music and bringing all those people together. I think after Bestival a lot more people who didn’t really follow us before had more of an idea of who we were and what we were trying to do.”

Honourable Mentions
Block Party London
ALL BLAK Showcase London
NO Neon at the Hoxton

Stay tuned for an even bigger year with 2016 rolling in as City Kid Soul will be playing FIVE+ at a Queen Street West Warehouse in Downtown Toronto to kick off the new year.




Cabana Music is an independent record label based out of Brazil and is run by two up and coming artists in the underground scene that go by Kaiq & Nik Ros. The two have been working closely together for quite some time, building their sound and label around an ideal and concept that focus solely on music. Quality is their number one asset; it’s evident throughout all of their releases. They have a superb ear for new and exciting music with a number of artists who frequently release and remix on the label beginning to, and already growing to international stars.

The label has received tremendous support from industry heavyweights in the form of Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati & Paco Osuna (just to a name a few) playing out a number of Cabana Music releases on a regular basis. Though the label is still relatively new, founded in 2013, Kaiq & Nik Ros are determined to continue to push for quality music and stand up artists to work with to help spread their sound and vision.


Cabana Music was established in 2013 by Kaiq & NIk Ros, how did the two of you meet and decide to start a label?
We had similar thoughts when we decided to start this label and our productions were becoming much more alike. Because of a long conversation, we began to produce together and with similar tastes & ideas, we decided to start the label with 2 of our original tracks.


The label has released music for artists who seem to be on the rise to super-stardom, what’s the process for picking and releasing new music?
From our very first release, we began to gain support from a number of good producers which eventually came to join the label, and from these contacts came new friends, which resulted in a chain. In our projects directed to other labels, we were able to create new contacts, and that’s the point. Similar producers deal with us, and this directly influences the concept to our label. In our selection process we test demos in the club, we listen in the car, and we take our conclusions from there. Sometimes we do remixes for the artist too.


How do you plan on taking Cabana Music to an international scale outside of Brazil?
Since we launched, we always seek something different in the market. Speaking at the international scale, we seek to maintain a sound that is in line and that has also matured with the “Cabana” sound. We are also and often working on experimental songs that surprise the listener.


What does the future look like for both Kaiq & Nik Ros? Are either of you planning on starting a side project?
We plan to continue with our label project, while we take our solo projects on in a parallel way. For the next year we intend to produce our first album, due out exclusively on our label, and also the start a new project seeking more experimental sounds and artists alike.


What’s the plan for 2015 and moving into the future for Cabana Music?
We are in contact new artists that we can not yet disclose, and which promise to be good surprises. We have many different goals, and we are working towards showcases in other cities even perhaps to other countries. We are also aiming for new releases on vinyl and limited accessories store.

Thank you for the time boys & hope to see the label grow on a large scale!

Check out the Guest Mix Kaiq did for us on In The Pocket


You can find Cabana Music online at Beatport, Soundcloud & Facebook

Moving around from a young age, Matthew Lima started his life in Peru but moved to Italy very early on. It was in Italy where he began to develop a passion for music that sparked an interest in DJing and Producing. This led to the creation of Amazing Music which Lima created to spread his musical vision. Having worked with a number of talented artists and releasing an even bigger number of “Amazing” tracks  through his label as obviously, his own productions as well. Lima continues to work towards becoming a top figure in the House music industry and won’t stop until he achieves his goals.

Having the chance to speak to the Amazing Music label boss, we spoke about his journey through Italy and how 2015 has been a year of “firsts” for the talented artist ready to take the House Music world by storm. 

Matthew, you began a journey into House music at an early age when you moved to Italy from Peru, how did it all happen?
I was adopted very young and began living in Italy near Milano with my family, one of my biggest dreams is to return to Peru and play in my home city. I am confident and I hope this happens soon.


How did playing shows in Italy help your career? Who do you meet as you grew as an artists?
Playing in Italy was not easy at first, I wanted to play everywhere but I preferred to do productions and after some years, I was immediately noticed by some of the clubs in northern Italy. I think the productions and my record label, Amazing Music, have played a big part in helping and given a lot of visibility, definitely!
I have met many promoters and I have made many contacts around but my music did the most.



What goes into your live sets?
I think it’s important to be apart of the dance floor; I always like to vary my DJ sets from “Minimal” to “Tech-House” but it depends on the situation. I love to play for many hours throughout the night and dance with the people to the music.


Do you find yourself playing a lot of your original music?
It is definitely a great feeling to see your sacrifices turn into something beautiful and create smiles on people’s faces after all of the working hours put into the studio searching for that perfect beat.



You started Amazing Music in 2009, what was your goal when you began and how much has changed in the past 6 years?
The main objective was to share my musical ideas with the public and it still is. In the time since we started, it has never changed, I always try to recognize talented producers no matter what. When we receive demos, I have to enjoy it immediately on the first listen. I believe that making music also involves a great responsibility which now is taken a little too lightly but music could be used to give much more positive messages, or at least what we try to do ourselves with the music.


What is the rest of 2015 looking like for you?
It has been a fantastic season so far. I have met new people that remained in my heart and we continued our job together. I had the pleasure of playing in Russia for the first time this year and I will return shortly. I will also leave too Tel Aviv for the first time in August and in September I will be heading to Athens in Greece. The goal is to continue to do well and create dates around the world so I can continue to refine my sound and the quality of my productions.


Thank you for your time Matthew, and hope to see you in Toronto soon.
Special thanks to you for this and i hope to come to Toronto soon! Love.

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Rising from Oakland, California and now one of house music’s elite, Hector Moralez has been working tirelessly to further his intelligent and soul-awakening type of house music.

Whether in the studi or performing live, Hectors sounds take influence from Latin, jazz, funk, hip hop & soul and are of course sewn together with his apparent grooving bass lines and solid fat

Hector sets no boundaries as he expands the limits with his exceptional and versatile approach to producing and presenting his interpretation and version of house music. This attention to detail, evident in every beat, has led to acclaim from house music’s highest ranked artists.


Hector, you have a total of 20 years experience in your music industry. How did it all start?
As a kid I always had passion for music. Living in California, I was exposed to different cultures. Music evolved after some time, from my skateboard, graffiti & breakdancing days. Through friends, I discovered underground parties and raves in the early 90’s, I’d go hangout and dance at these kinds of events for fun and to escape my childhood. I found myself driven from this futuristic music called “House Music”

I remember clearly like it was yesterday being sucked into it and amazed from what I was hearing. I eventually decided to take a chance in 95’ and started DJing myself. It took a couple of parties and one mix tape to change my life forever. I was hooked, I remember working different odd jobs to save up for 2 Technics 1200’s and started record shopping all the time, spending everything I earned. I’d spend about $250 or more on wax every week, depending on the shipment that week, or depending on how many record shops I’d go to hunting at in the Bay area. I then later landed my dream job working at a record store in Berkeley called Primal Records. The 7 years experience from working at the record shop taught me so much and I eventually started producing after that. I was 19 at the time that I started messing around with computers and equipment. I have to be honest, at first I didn’t think I could learn to make music as it seemed so foreign and confusing to me but after dedicating myself to it and learning some tips from a close friend and mentor, DJ Rasoul, it all made sense. I found my way, my style and my own technic.


What was your breakthrough moment or track into the scene?
I’m still working on that moment today lol!! It’s a process and I feel I am still breaking into the scene right now after all these years. I guess as a DJ, it was my first real gig outside my bedroom, that was a good moment!! I can recall it was in San Francisco at a place called “The Top” at that time it was thee spot to play, and the best DJ’s were playing there weekly. That was a breakthrough moment for me. But also playing in Paris at The Rex club, for the first time in 1999, was definitely another moment that changed my career as a DJ.


What or who inspires you to further your music?
Many artists and people, from music and life itself inspire me. There really are so many DJ’s and friends to name but I’ll stick to 5 to make this list short – DJ Rasoul, DJ Tony Hewitt, Barrie Eves, Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak and so many others. But those are some key people in my life that helped structure what I’m doing today. I’m always feeling inspired by the new though, and from the good people in my life, everyday.

What keeps me going, is this dream I have – to be an artist, musician, to make people dance and inspire others.


What’s coming up for 2015? Who will you be working and releasing with?
For 2015 I’m focusing more on production and collaborations. I have about 20 something records coming out this year, on vinyl and digital. Working harder then ever I guess is my theme. This year I’m working with a lot of different people and collaborating with the likes of – Tuccillo, Hector Couto, Sidney Charles, Sante, Horatio, Julien Sandre, Eddie Leader, Katal, Paco Wegmann, Chiqito and Politics Of Dancing. And releasing with labels such as Roush, VIVa MUSiC Limited, Material, Avotre, Hudd Traxx, Plant 74, Trend Records LTD, 294 Records, Frole, Louder Music, Politics Of Dancing, Thirteenmoons Recordings, Mr. Nice Guy Records, Chronovision, Get Physical, Music For Freaks, Blind Box and Dilated.


You have been on Remix duty for a number of artists and labels, do you take on Remixes differently then producing Original tracks?
Remixes are a different approach all together, each time, because the challenge of making someone’s track sound dope is hard to do, if it’s already a really good track to begin with. The interpretation is fun also, because creating the beats for it is exciting for me, although the process can be as long as an original. Original tracks and ideas start from scratch and normally it takes longer to complete depending on the mood. That’s the difference but I enjoy remixes just as much too, its always interesting working in the studio with someone else’s idea. For me it’s actually a privelige to be asked to remix someone else’s style of work and giving it your sound and vision. My creative work flow is inspired by many things in life really, like films, other types of music such as: soul, hip hop, and Rhythm & Blues oldies. And from also listening to other house artists and DJ’s that I’m into.


Do you play live strictly as a duo? What is your live setup like?
Yes, I’ve only played live with Chris Carrier under our alias “Lotus Seven”, when we toured for our Album on Apollonia. We created this live show to express some of the music we have on the album. Plus some new stuff that represents our sound, both as solo artists and together. The experience was new and fascinating, I learned a lot musically from making the album and performing live. We had 13 pieces of equipment altogether with myself on the mic live.. it was a 2 man band.


What do you like on your pizza?
Pepperoni, Mushrooms & Jalapeños with extra cheese.. all day!


Thanks for your time Hector!!



A man who needs no introduction but certainly warrants one; Artist, Producer, Label Boss, Manager, Mentor, Husband & Father – Steve Lawler does it all.

From his early beginnings in the 90s, hosting events under the M42 motorway – to touring the world and holding a few of the most substantial residences this industry has to offer, Lawler has played a massive roll in paving the way for electronic music to grow over the last 25 years. Steve has been featured on some of the worlds most established labels as an artist and along with his own imprint, VIVa MUSiC he has earned a reputation for supporting, encouraging and nurturing breaking new talent.

Lawler is someone who is constantly pushing the boundaries of what a DJ can do – both technically and creatively – as an artist and businessman – Steve’s passion for music is too strong for one simple generic association and his message has been louder than ever for quite some time now.

With Lawler’s anticipated return to Toronto for Electric Island during the May long-weekend, we had the chance to sit down and talk about music, talent, the past and the future.


Steve, lets get right to it – you’ve started a sub-label for VIVa MUSiC – What is it all about? How have you deciphered whats being released on what?
The Sub label has been around for a while now, it’s just run a bit different, for example we release strictly digital on the label – it’s a lot easier to run, you can have a release put out really quick and taken care of. The concept behind the sub is for more upcoming talent – not exactly new talent. VIVa MUSiC is more tailored towards releases that fully encompass our style and vision – these releases are put out on both Vinyl And Digital – it’s a proper record label, it’s run as a proper record label – it’s a lot harder to run a label these days doing things properly because there are a lot of costs involved with it and when it comes to releasing music, there is a whole different concept on how it should be done.
This is where im going to artists like Luke Solomun, Matthew Johnson, Groove Armada, people who are in my eyes – the best writers in the world. These people are writing music for the label directly and VIVa has never been about a certain style or genre of music but rather a stamp of quality, at least I believe so.

I stumped upon VIVa Toronto a few days ago and was taken back to the style of music you used to play or “what was popular” at that time – where do you think the sound is moving towards now?
I’ve given Toronto so much love over the years – at one point every city in the world wanted me to do an album concept based on there city and without question it was going to be Toronto.
In my opinion, Progressive house is making a comeback – I’ve been around long enough now to know that music goes around in full circle. Whatever is popular at one point comes back and when it does hopefully it’s better than the first time around. I don’t believe in some of what’s going on right now though – i’m not going to mention any names or labels or anything like that but there is a “certain sound” that’s being pushed and considered the “cool thing” right now which i’m not a fan of at all. I’ve seen it all before and it makes me laugh – I have always been about House, Techno and everything around it.

Are your latest productions reflecting of music coming back around to make the full circle?
My productions are all based on late 80s, early 90s at the moment. I took some time to dig through my record collection a while back and I was going through things, searching for inspiration and in the last 2 years, I hope – in some way that I have helped bring back the old school revival of Acid House. A record I released almost 3 years ago now on VIVa, “This is Acid” and “Problem Child” which came out on Get Physical were the the basis of that inspiration – listen to both of them – they are Acid House – and this type of sound has been trending a bit at the moment but i’ve been trying to push that for a long time now.

You’ve been touring a lot as of late, building up to this years VIVa Warriors residency at Sankeys and you’ve taken Detlef along with you – How has that been?
The way the management company runs is on a family basis – We’ve made some mistakes, we’ve signed some people that didn’t turn out to be very nice people and in turn we have gotten rid of them – but the people that we’ve got in our family are not like that. They stay at my house where my wife and kids live. We go on tour together not only because they’re talented artists but because, it’s like going away with your friends and that’s the whole concept to VIVa. I don’t know how many more years I’m going to be doing this for but I think about leaving a legacy and that’s not just about leaving releases behind for people to listen to, but rather a company, a strong hold of artists that are quality and can continue to keep VIVa MUSiC living on when Steve lawler retires. That might be 5-10 years from now, I don’t really know but it’s important to me. These guys are young, they’re hungry and full of talent.

Detlef is so talented – we’re receiving up to 10 remix requests a week for him right now and hes always talking about how he can’t believe these people want to work with him – he can’t believe how many gigs he is getting and well, it’s going strong. 2 years ago I sat him down and told him straight – “It’s going to happen – you have a lot of talent, you just need to give it some time. We will put you on a platform to show you to the world and it can take time but it will happen.”

You have taken a few artists under your wing and though some may have not worked, Detlef seems to really be taking off…
Detlef has finally found success – he has been doing this for a long, long time under different aliases and that’s the basis of why I try so hard for some of these people – they have paid their dues, they’ve worked hard for 10+ years and it’s so rewarding for me now to be apart of bringing someone like Detlef, success. I know what i’m doing is helping him succeed – im not making him successful, that’s down to his talent but it’s evident that he is and I’m proud to say that we’ve been apart of that by giving him a proper platform and some assistance along the way.

We really appreciate you taking the time to talk Steve, all the best and see you in Ibiza this summer!


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Precision. Power. Ambition. Those are the first words that come to mind when describing eekkoo’s sound. A true master of his craft, the Montreal­based producer has been teaching sound design and mastering classes for close to a decade. It comes as no surprise then to learn that eekkoo was discovered by dance music legend deadmau5 on Soundcloud. In the process he became the first artist the notorious Joel Zimmerman ever followed on the platform and he was immediately signed to his label mau5trap where he follows in the footsteps of pioneering artists like Skrillex, Feed Me and more.

Eekkoo’s approach to composition is unique. Not bound by genre or style, he focuses instead on crafting bold, innovative sound textures that dictate the orientation of his music. His method is thoughtful yet confident, with a default setting that leans towards both raw power and subtle seduction. This is an artist with presence, a master conductor not afraid to ignite the sparks of imagination and push the boundaries of modern electronic music.

Eekkoo, you were originally producing music in different genres, what led you to transition to dance music?
A whole package of wonderfully well produced tracks by Nathan Fake, Dusty Kid and Deadmau5.


Having studied sound engineering and technical production in the past, do you find your approach to music different compared to your peers?
I don’t think so. I’m just well aware of every technical details regarding music production.


Deadmau5 reached out to you and helped bring a lot of attention towards your name and skills, what advice would you give producers looking to make the same impact with electronic music?
Do what you like and what you feel suits you the best and keep working. It’s coming!


What has working with mau5trap been like?
The team is made of devoted music lovers and they know what they’re doing. It’s professional. They understand the music industry. And that helps a lot.


Any upcoming releases in 2015 we should be keeping an eye out for?
A couple of collaborations with some newcomers and with very well established artists.


Which producers have you been following and listening too as of late?
ANNA, Whyt Noyz and Maceo Plex.


What piece of equipment haven’t you put down in the studio?
A pair of ATC’s SCM25a PRO. Compact three-way near-field monitors.

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