The rain might have postponed this weekends celebrations but it did not stop them from happening. Before the event even started, the E.I team were relentlessly working on securing a venue for the second instalment of the party series and succeeded with The Portlands on Commissioners road.

Once the stage was set, it was left to the artists to make the long weekend memorable for those in attendance. Richie Hawtin had the privilege of closing the day out before artists Maceo Plex and Recondite took the stage to set the mood. The second stage was also set with a number of Toronto locals including Aleksandar Kojic, Borzoo and Nadia before Chaim had closing duties.

Considering the amount of work needed to make an event happen at a new venue in such a small period of time, E.I, even without the I was a very special event. Production, setup, music and everything in between were on display and were taken very seriously with every detail considered.

Though we all hope the next Electric island will actually be on the Toronto islands, it’s fitting to know that the team behind the event series will always go over an beyond, even when their backs are pushed against the wall.

See you in August!


Photocredits: Andre M Photography 

Hard-work isn’t always rewarded, it can be over-looked and under appreciated, but it’s a risk a lot of people are willing to take. Among the hundreds of DJ sets over the past year, Enzo Siragusa and the FUSE family have been names that continue to pop up everywhere. There is something to be said of those who have the ability to turn heads and move dance floors, all the while pushing their own unique sound. A true definition of hard-work, paying off.

The funny part about ‘Fusic’ is how organically the sound grew. “It’s quite a stripped-back tone and that really evolved from the party, always the B-sides to records. The trippy dub sides with wobbly grooves.” – Enzo Siragusa

FUSE started as a party series in 2008 and grew into a label in 2011. It’s something Enzo created that served as an outlet to showcase music, artists and tracks. FUSE encompassed the underground and pushed the boundaries while paying attention to detail with all matters. Fast forward to a long, but rewarding 2016 where years of hard work started to really pay off for a group of artists who were creating music and throwing parties regularly. Their dub-house sound is evolving and unique, so much so that the FUSE faithful call it Fusic.

The most important thing is to create a certain type of vibe for an underground party. I’ve always focused firstly on the sound and when I say ‘sound,’ I’m referring to technically, how it resonates and reverberates – Enzo Siragusa

May 13th marks Enzo Siragusa‘s debut in Toronto at the city’s premiere underground music venue, CODA. The support cast is made up of local Toronto artists who have also been releasing music and throwing events. It includes Steve Marto & Paul Quzz of All Blak Records, Andrew Choe from My Side Project & Rayan of UNR.

Purchase your tickets HERE
Full event info HERE



CODA is running a contest for 2 free passes to see Enzo Siragusa this Saturday.
Click HERE to Enter!

Welcome to the new age of entertainment.

Boiler Room has just launched a unique virtual reality experience through Google’s Pixel phone titled VR dancefloors: Techno in Berlin. 

This experience is available through the Pixel app, Inception, and features a live performance by Berlin’s FJAAK. This new VR experience is intended to cultivate a “immersive, interactive, online music experience,” claims Stephen Appleyard, Chief Business Development Officer at Boiler Room.

Download the Inception app to watch VR dancefloors: Techno In Berlin on a Pixel phone.

Watch a preview of the VR experience

In a world wind of events, Tunisian club “El Guitone Nightclub” has closed following a live set performed by Dax J during Orbit Festival which featured the Muslim call to prayer.

British DJ, Dax J, was playing the coastal city of Nabeul for Orbit Festival which took place near the resort town of Hammarnet—and also featured DVS1, La Fleur and Radio Slave. Following Dax J’s set on April 1st, videos emerged of his set featuring samples of the Muslim call to prayer which attracted the attention of authorities in the Muslim-majority country.

The club, El Guitone, has since shut down as is under investigation. The manager of the venue has been arrested for “violation against good morals and public outrage against modesty,” according to Nabeul governor Mnaouar Ouertani, who said that the government will “not allow attacks against religious feelings and the sacred.”

Dax J has since apologized, stating that he did not realize that the Muslim community would be offended. He has also removed his Facebook page in the wake of on-going death threats.

Orbit Festival has released a statement regarding the incident and defending Dax J.

Chers amis, Nous tenons, tout d'abord, à remercier toutes les personnes qui nous ont fait honneur par leur présence….

Posted by Orbit Festival on Monday, April 3, 2017

Sputnik Modular and Roman Filippov specifically, is working on a clone of the vintage synthesizer, Yamaha CS-80.

The original CS-80 was produced in 1977 and is one of the most sought after synths with sales usually reaching $15 – 20K. The synth was made popular by Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack and is predominately heard during the opening scenes and subsequently throughout the rest of the film.

Spoiler Alert: For the fans of Blade Runner, the clone is named Deckard’s Dream, referencing the unicorn dream sequence Harrison Ford’s character, Rick Deckard goes through which can be interpreted as he is actually a replicant of himself.

Via Wikipedia: “Deckard’s unicorn dream sequence, inserted into the Director’s Cut, coinciding with Gaff’s parting gift of an origami unicorn is seen by many as showing that Deckard is a replicant – as Gaff could have accessed Deckard’s implanted memories.[21][33] The interpretation that Deckard is a replicant is challenged by others who believe the unicorn imagery shows that the characters, whether human or replicant, share the same dreams and recognize their affinity,[34] or that the absence of a decisive answer is crucial to the film’s main theme.[35] The inherent ambiguity and uncertainty of the film, as well as its textual richness, have permitted viewers to see it from their own perspective.[36]”

Deckard’s Dream is an eight-voice analogue build that will be available as a DIY as well as pre-built. Unlike the original CS-80, Deckard’s Dream is a rackmount design.

There are no current prices or release date but synth enthusiasts hold tight.


View the gallery above for images of Deckard’s Dream.

Martin Buttrich has announced plans for his new collaborative project, Collaborator, which will be presented on his imprint, Rhythm Assault. 

Buttrich has long been known for his many collaborations with artists like Timo Mass, Davide Squillace, Loco Dice and many others. His label has featured a number of collaborations since launching in 2015 and Martin plans to expand his reach as well as team up with a host of new artists including Guti, Luciano, The Martinez Brothers and many, many more.

The 12-track set will be released at the end of March 2017 and record collectors must wait to find out if it will reach vinyl as it is currently being considered.

Watch the teaser below

Pioneer has introduced a cost-effective solution to the DJM series with the 250MK2 which will be available March 2017.

The leaders in DJ equipment have included a Magvel crossfader which is taken from the DJM-900NXS2, a filter with nuanced control unlike previous mixers and smooth channel faders with a three-band Eq.

The mixer sports a built in sound card which allows for easier connections and straightforward recordings. Included with the mixer are Rekordbox DJ & DVS License keys.

Pioneer’s DJM-250MK2 will retail for €349
Find full information, photos and specs HERE

Osheaga, Montreal’s premier music festival which is celebrating its 12th year of operation has announced the line up for 2017.

Osheaga is widely known for its diverse musical talent and its celebration of the arts. 2017 will play out no differently with the likes of The Weekend, Major Lazer, Die Antwood, Justice, Lorde and many more have been included.

GA passes are on sale starting at $350 and going up to #1150 for the ultimate experience.

Osheaga takes place in Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal, Quebec from August 4 – 6.


**Cover Photo taken by Marc Young

Facebook is taking steps towards the music industry and they are doing it quietly and precisely.

We reported in October about Facebook’s in app Ticketing + more and the social media giant is continuing its pursuit into the music industry with its latest hire – Director of Music Licensing. 

The hire would join Facebook‘s Tamara Hrivnak who was the former Director of Music Partnerships at Google and also worked at Warner Music Group.

Considering the turbulent times the music industry is currently facing, some would say this is both the worst and perfect time for Facebook to attempt an expansion. Spotify & Apple are facing off on the streaming front with Soundcloud and Tidal finding new ways to grow and keep up with the times.

It’s no secret – Facebook will be entering a very crowded and harsh time which will lead the company to one of two results; Success or Failure.

With 2017 showing trends of  legal battles, Facebook could look to video as its alternative but in which way?


Only time will tell, as we await the newly appointed Director of Music Licensing and what the roll will mean for the future of music and Facebook.