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Article Submission Guidelines 

If you are a submitting content to Press Play, please follow these guidelines.
Any article that is submitted and not following the submission guidelines will not be taken into consideration.

1. Email Guidelines

Email Subject:
Article Submission – [Your Name] – Press Play
Message: Please let us know who you are, what you do and what it is you have for us. Supply relative links to your social accounts.

2. Article Guidelines

Please take the time to write something that’s interesting. People love to read smart, interesting and engaging stories.

We recommend articles are kept short but we understand that some pieces tend to take length depending on the subject. Use a strong title that will be apparent in the article.

After your article is approved, it will be passed on to our Editor and you will be given access to review before it is published.

3. File formats, links, photos & music

We will ONLY accept Word Documents or articles embedded in email, no other file formats will be reviewed.
Attach relevant images (.jpg or .png only) in the email, if they are too big, please redirect us to a third party file sharing website that will allow for previews before downloading (Ei. Dropbox, Flickr, etc).
If we cannot preview the image before downloading, we will not risk downloading the file at all.

Cover images must be larger than 1000 x 1000 pixels or it will not be considered for the main slider.

Music & Video is welcomed for all articles but we ask that you use a host, ei. Soundcloud, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
If you do not have the proper copyrights in order to do so, please find the relevant pages which already host the content or let us know what the situation is and we can work on finding a solution.

4. Wait time + Extras

You will be contacted within 10 days of submitting an article by one of our editors.
Though it is not required, if a bio is submitted, it can be used for your profile after being approved.

If you do not have an article to submit but would like to cover an event, review a release or find a way to become involved, please contact Paul Quzz <> directly with relative information.


Event Submissions

Event Name:
Event Location:
Music by:
Presented by:
Links to event pages
Relevant images, flyers, etc.


*Press Releases will not be accepted as article submissions. They will only be considered if they are submitted as a Press Release to the correct address. Please review the contacts above.

Thank you!