Diet Coke Diaries: As the Summer Comes

Hi, I’m back.

Maybe you missed me, but you probably liked the break too, everyone loves a break. I had a pretty long, and exhausting spring. I moved, went to California (twice), and was unable to catch the Belleville Three at Coachella where they launched their North American tour (in my defense they played day three). In this time, I switched career paths and managed to make some new friends and see a lot of old ones too.

But as the days grow longer and (thank God) hotter, we are reminded.. summer is coming.


Summer means dancing outside instead of in the dark lit club basements which I also have a love for, the summer means afternoons basking in the sun on patio and listening to more tech house than techno. Luckily disco is great any time of the year. Summer means reaching the island and seeing how the magnificent people at Embrace, Footwork,  and Platform have taken a one stage one off party into the absolutely amazing party it is today.  This year’s island parties boast some of my favourite artists- Black Madonna, anyone?

Summer means the new and improved Digital Dreams Festival now rebranded as just Dreams Festival. It’s set to be held on Echo Beach and is now 19+. Honestly, I lost faith in this homegrown tradition, but love the idea of this, let’s hope it pans out.

In my mind, summer kicks off not only with the first island installment, but also with DEMF. No, it’s not what it used to be, but it’s still Detroit and fuck you if you think you’re too good for Detroit. You’re not.

Then there’s other festivals some near- like Osheaga, and some further like Lollapalooza, Dekmantel, and Selectors. All however, have a focus on music, community and dancing. All my favourite things.

Together we’ll look passed the rainy days and get sun burnt sitting on those patios I mentioned earlier. Days will turn to nights too quickly and sure enough labour day will be upon us before another cold winter. But until then, let’s rejoice in the warm weather and all that we have to look forward to- it’s quite a lot.