The Rationalization of Dance Culture


With sociology, one might discover more behavioral ties to a culture rather than the individual. People are so self-centered that sometimes they cannot see the vast evolving culture that surrounds them… this means you cell phone junkies. Our social world is always changing. Apart from other studies, I have found in sociology the term “rationalization” comes up quite a bit. Knowledge can be produced by an individual’s rational action, or rationalization. So as people gain more knowledge, they come up with more rational ideas… more “socially defined” ones. Think of it as clubs becoming like McDonalds.


In the newest of dance music culture we see people growing in terms of rational thought. Try to think of a time where you went to a club and saw everybody standing around looking the same way with no individuation. No aspirations in individual ideals, only “socially necessary” rational thoughts which represent the massive amount of people who might eventually show up. Should we tweet so other people know we are there? …Instagram? These rationalizations cause people to become unmotivated in their ideas of what a true clubbing experience can become… an individual journey, or experience.

More and more we see artists offering this “experience” which is a show that things might just be changing. But with more time, will come more rationalization. We have to understand that rationality is not a measure of intelligence, but something much different… a cultural society. So we as dance music lovers must take the action to personally be involved with our experiences, and what we can take away from them as a whole to our individual selves. This doesn’t me “turning up” all night long just to be hung over the entire next Sunday. That is also a rationalization, but gone terribly wrong due to the culture we live in. What it does mean is forming our own ideas from the knowledge we share around us, or our culture.