Threads & Soul – A Uniformed Truth

Uniforms are a way to easily identify a specific group and yet it makes me wonder, does the uniform make the man?


I recently discussed the benefits (or disadvantages depending on how you look at it) of uniforms that people are required to wear in their day-to-day work and it all had me wondering; does a unified look determine a person’s actions on and off the clock?


Take my friend as an example, he wears a uniform for his job and it has made me wonder if the uniform and the person are blended. When does the job stop and the life begin? Once you take off that uniform, do you revert back to your natural self? Or is it in fact possible that perhaps one correlates to the other?


Does the line blur when you’ve been wearing this uniform for so long you’ve forgotten who you really are?


I’ve always believed that who you are and what you do are two different things but when your fashionable choices consist of the same outfit day in and day out, does the disadvantage of a uniformed material attribute multiply when one is on the road to self discovery?


I fail to see how wearing a uniform in the work force could be so much of a shortcoming but then again, I’m all for seeing the best in a situation. A trait which more often than not leaves me a little head dizzy when all doesn’t fair out as best as one hopes.


Uniforms don’t necessarily equate to stability; becoming what you are and not who you are is a slippery slope – a slope harder to avoid when you’re wearing polyester and not say…