Threads & Soul – Interview: Addy Chan

I first met Addy Chan years ago while working the America’s Next Top Model CANADA event at a downtown venue.


I was working production and she was a dancer for the show. Now when I say dancer I mean Addy was one of those people you see come alive on stage. She has all the charisma and presence you would imagine a perfect dancer to have. What was more about Addy was her incredible spirit. Not only is she a gifted performer, she is a person with a heart so warm that being around her makes you want to be better, do better.


True to form when I asked Addy if I could interview her for a little fashion blog she all to happily obliged. Of all the millions of projects she has going on, she was gracious enough to take the time and answer some of my questions.


So here it is, wise words from a woman who is many things to many people but to me, she is that good zen we all strive to be. Check out the interview below and the newest video from The Angry Kids feat. Beth Humble ‘Battle’ featuring Addy Chan as a beautiful ninja.




Take us back to the beginning, why did you start dancing?

I started dancing when I was 5 years old because my parents were awesome enough to enroll me into a ballet program.  I don’t have many memories of that time other than that I was a bumblebee and had a kick ass costume.  I fell in love with dance and music.


What is fashion to you?

Fashion is important, I suppose because I view it as another means of self expression in life. I see fashion as a display of who I am and how I think.  It’s how I feel that day, what I want to project for that meeting, the impression I want to leave.  Since I was very young, originality and personal style has always been priority.


In my work wardrobe plays a major role in how I perform as a dancer.  It helps me get into character and breeds confidence; what I wear will make me feel sexy, feel hood, it can age me or make me youthful.  My performance is supported by fashion that makes me look and embody the part – proper wardrobe is key!


As a choreographer wardrobe and fashion can inspire a number I create and plays a vital role in my overall creative vision.  It’s apart of my imagination.


Damn that got really deep… 


Basically I love shopping.


Music and fashion are so intertwined – how does that relate to you and your work? (How do you take fashion into consideration when doing a project?)

I think artists are always looking for ways to express themselves; which is why music and fashion go hand in hand.


Music played at a fashion show is the sonic representation of the theme or tone of the line while performing artists use fashion to compliment their performance.  It’s all statement; these are mediums used to say things with more than words just as dance is story telling through movement.


Wardrobe helps to tell the story and fashion is always a consideration.  On my TV show Make It Pop all departments had to be considerate of each other.  On a project like that, it’s a partnership between music, art, dance, script, and wardrobe.  When these parts work cohesively that’s the good stuff.  Sometimes I style my own projects, which is fun cause that’s just another extension of my mind and I get to control the overall picture.


Describe your style as Addy the dancer versus Addy the entrepreneur.

Hmmm… I’m not sure how to answer this because I feel like I’m Addy the dancing entrepreneur?


Generally my style is comfortably hype.


That’s my shit.

One of your latest projects had you featured in a music video for The Angry Kids feat. Beth Humble ‘Battle’ which is a beautifully powerful visual. What was the inspiration for this video? 

Thank you! I’m so glad you like it; I’m really proud of that video!  I got to work on that with one of my all time favourite directors to collaborate with Alon Isocianu.  He was the mastermind behind this video.  I’m sure he was inspired by Beth’s beautiful voice and the overall tone, urgency and message of the song but you’ll have to ask him!

Alon hit me up, sent me a very detailed storyboard and I was down because who doesn’t want to be a ninja?  I was personally inspired by Alon’s vision, anime and getting through the shot list; it was a crazy day.  I love the video, and think its message is so relevant to what’s happening in the world right now.  SHOUT OUT to Alon, The Angry Kids, Beth Humble and Reactiv Pictures!


What other projects do you have in the works that you can speak to?

I am the choreographer for the new Nickelodeon TV show MAKE IT POP!  This show consumed my life for the past 5 months and I’m so incredibly excited for the world to finally see it.  It was the most challenging, fulfilling, wonderful experience I’ve ever had in my career.  Each episode has 2 production numbers; I choreographed 42 numbers this season!  It was madness and a total dream come true.  Check out the show!  It premiers April 6th at 7pm ET/4pm PT and airs every night for the month of April!


I’m actually on a plane right now heading to LA because XO IQ (the band from the show) will be performing at the Kids Choice Awards Party!


After this I’ll be on Project Become a Human Again.  I’ve just been a work robot for a while and need to chill.  So I’m going home to Vancouver to visit and love my family, then back to LA for Coachella!


Thanks so much Anna and Pressplaypro for this interview!