Threads & Soul – Battles

Ever the inquisitive one I have found myself quite often wondering about trends in fashion and how old becomes new and vice versa. As I sit here writing this; an old jacket once owned by my grandmother sits on a hanger in my closet, waiting to be loved again. You see dear reader, a grandmothers closet to a fashion girl is the equivalent of a child wandering loose in a candy store, there are so many goodies everywhere one doesn’t know where to start.


This idea of old becoming new had me thinking, is it possible that however old something in granny’s closet may be, is it better than all the pieces I’ve purchased at stores who perpetuate fast fashion?




… Absolutely.


And on this theme of old clothes/new ways; I stumbled across something that brought a strong feeling of nostalgia one can only experience through great imagination since this particular something I stumbled upon happened way before I was born.


The Battle of Versailles.


No, no I’m not talking about any type of war or fight I’m referring to the designer show down that took place in Versailles (France for you less geographically inclined) in 1973.


Fashion houses from Paris to London to New York gathered to show off their best not only in clothing but in musical tastes too.


New York magazine put together a youtube playlist of the music featured in the shows. Take a listen and let the music take you to a place less chaotic and certainly not fast.