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Defying the Odds / Learning how to fly in spite of fear

A biographical book titled; ‘Gods and Kings: The Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano’ written by Dana Thomas was recently published and is proving to be a successful attempt at documenting the incredible lives and careers of both men. Reading reviews of the book made me think, both designers persevered to fulfill their dreams no matter what stood in their way. They achieved greatness, respect, and notoriety and kept going.

When discussing their respective histories it should be noted that one of course is no longer with us.


However the designer that remains, Galliano, has seemingly moved past his troublesome times to continue his dream, his truth; which is to be one of the greatest designers known not only witin the fashion industry but to the world.


I had this friend once whom had a dream to be his own boss, his own man. He had this idea to build a business based on not just what people wanted but on what they needed. He long dreamed to create a business in which its demand provided him with customers and his service is what would guarantee their return visits. This friend’s dream slowly faded and I have often wondered; does a dream become so big that the fear of having such great odds stacked against you overwhelms a person? Does this fear then enable you to deviate from this goal and find one in which to attain a positive result seems more likely?




Both McQueen and Galliano defied their odds. They didn’t care what the world thought of them. They knew what they were made of, they knew the depths of their talent.


Do you?


Will you fall under the pressure or will you learn to fly in spite of it?