Threads & Soul: Quotes on Clothes

Quotes on Clothes / The annoying words you’re reading


I’m always talking about how you should wear clothing to express how you feel. But should you wear clothing that tells you what to do? During a recent excursion to the shops I had noticed a trend that still hasn’t died; quotes on clothing.

I have this friend whom he and I will send each other quotes periodically. I probably send more than I should but I can’t help it, we’ve always cheered each other on through the years and these quotes are our way of non-emotionally continuing that tradition.

The quotes are all fine and dandy, you double tap them on Instagram, you share them on Facebook; you even recite them aloud (not verbatim, obviously), to friends when they’re going through tough times (wait, is that just me?)

Isn’t this enough?

Fashion is the epitome of expressing how you feel but are words on clothing taking it too far? Is it not enough to wear an outfit that makes you feel strong, sexy, or boyish without having to wear a shirt that exclaims to the world, “I’m feeling strong/sexy/boyish!”

Do you feel the need to express your deepest thoughts via a t-shirt? Do you even realize you’re doing it? If you could put the most moving quote you often refer to onto a piece of fabric what would it say?

I suppose at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what’s written, I suppose what matters is if you believe it to be true.