Threads & Soul: Rules

Rules / Who has the right to fashion?

Paris fashion week and all I see is Kim Kardashian and that blonde hair.

I’m all for self expression and individual style but seeing her front and centre at various shows reminded me of all the critics who criticise her for being at fashion week to begin with.

The argument is that she is famous for nothing other than her crazy family and their escapades (or sexcapades, depending on how/what you’re looking at)

Who made the decision that certain people are more acceptable than others to attend/be in/collaborate with fashion?


Who made the rules?


Why haven’t we broken them yet? Or maybe that’s what Kim is doing. 


Okay, got it.


In life there are instances where you have to make a choice. Go with the grain or forge a new road, a new way.


I have a friend whom is immensely talented. Everything she touches becomes beautiful. She is a huge soul in a little body. She forges her own path, beats to her own drum. When her employment didn’t work out she decided to dive into her craft, building it, honing her skills, BEING what she felt in her heart she is. She is fashion and art and feeling and everything in between. She makes her own rules and even, on occasion, breaks them.

Fashion can be this seemingly clique-like atmosphere where only the ‘accepted ones’ are allowed to ponder and create and provide. What about everyone else? When I was in college being a fashion student gave us reputations, reputations in which were never really true to who we were as individuals.


Except the part about me having obsessive compulsive disorder.


That’s true.


Anyways, in conclusion, my point is this:


Fuck fashion.


Forget about all the rules on what you should wear and what everyone thinks is ‘cool’.


Break the rules and have fun doing it.